Audio Spotlight: Fremont Debaters Love their Mentor

Stars of Fremont Debate, from left to right: Kim, coach Catherine Kuhn, Jack, Cesar, Jazmin, Andres, and Diego.

Stars of Fremont Debate, from left to right: Kim, coach Catherine Kuhn, Jack, Cesar, Jazmin, mentor Andres Gannon, and Diego.

When they heard their mentor Andres on NPR, the young stars of Fremont debate had to add their voice.  They recorded an audio piece of their own, which is definitely in the running for the most heartwarming 2 minutes of audio in the world.

Click here to listen. The transcript is below:

Jazmin: I’ve known Andres for 3 years now, and he’s a great person. Since my first debate at the summer institute when I met him, he taught me a lot and he explained everything. Because of him I’ve grown a lot – he’s a great model, not only in debate but also in life.

Kim: Andres, he was my lab leader in the summer institute and he’s a great person. I feel like I wouldn’t be a debater nearly as successful as I am now without him – he’s always imparted his knowledge to us, and he’s always available. I think that made him one of the best debate coaches I’ve ever had. And I’m proud to be a part of Fremont now that he coaches us.

Jack: I feel like the atmosphere at Fremont really changed when Andres became our mentor – we were really successful with him. He’s really patient with students, and willing to work with you side by side to make sure you understand argumetns, and he doesn’t get annoyed if you ask him a bunch of questions…

Diego: The amount of help that Andres can give us is just outstanding. Like this last debate round I can bet that we wouldn’t have won prior to the questions that we asked him before the round. It’s just really cool to have someone like Andres who is so experienced in debate who can really help you. What can I say? Andres outweighs and turns the case.

Note: this is the first in a series – though Andres is in the spotlight now, there are dozens of other volunteers who deserve recognition, and we look forward to providing it!