Launching a New Space for Youth and Debate

BAUDL Alumni Intern Robin Bonner rocking the crowd at Tuesday night's office warming.

BAUDL Alumni Intern Robin Bonner rocking the crowd at Tuesday night's Inaugural Office Warming

On Tuesday, July 26, more than 40 supporters gathered to help the BAUDL launch a new space for youth and debate in downtown Oakland. The energy in the room was electric – from a dazzling poetic performance from alum star Rashid Campbell to the launch of the Leading with Debate Fellowship, and through speeches and stories from an energetic herd of BAUDL youth, there was plenty to entertain and delight.

This space, shared with our partners at McCullum Youth Court, has already opened up exciting new opportunities for the young people we serve:

  • Classrooms host practices for the Traveling Team and the Leading with Debate Fellowship – the brand new initiative using the energy of youth debate to inspire and energize political engagement among adults.
  • The library space hosts our first-ever Lending Library, from which dozens of students have already checked out high-level books on politics and social theory.
  • A small Computer Lab allows our students to do original research, finding evidence to ground and inform every argument and claim and getting ready to do the same in college.

Huge thanks to all who made this event a great success.  We are looking forward to more great things in this beautiful new space.  Please note that we still need your books and laptops to make this new space live up to its full potential – use this link to get in touch!